About The Hostel Accomodation

Fresh and returning students seeking hostel accommodation are required to register for available bed spaces on-line by logging onto the university website: University Of abuja Website  Allocation of bed spaces by the hostel managers shall be strictly on first come first served basis.

All students must vacate their halls of residence during the term/semester breaks. If for any reason a student has to stay during vacation, a formal application must be submitted to the hostel managers through Deputy Director and the Director for permission to stay. Reasonable charges are made for the upkeep and hostel services. 


All students officially allocated bed spaces in the halls of residence are made to sign an undertaken to be of good behaviour and to abide by University rules and regulations as stated below:

  1. University authority is under no obligation to provide all students with hostel accommodation. Allocation of bed space in halls of residence is therefore a privilege not a right.
  2. The University does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to student’s property within or outside the halls of residence.
  3.  Only students duly registered for the session are eligible for allocation of bed spaces.
  4. Any student found occupying a bed space illegally or squatting at any point in time will be ejected and made to face disciplinary actions.
  5. Any bed space or room allocation made cannot be altered and students must retain where they are assigned for the period or session under review.
  6. All university property/facilities provided in the hostels must be used judiciously. Any damage to such facilities as a result of misuse shall be fully replaced by the student(s) concerned.
  7.  It is mandatory that students keep their rooms, corridor, toilets, kitchen and environment in general, clean and tidy. All rubbish must be properly disposed.
  8. It is an offence for any student to engage in illegal transfer or sale of bed spaces. Such actions would attract penalties which may include dismissal from the University.
  9. Students must vacate their rooms, remove all their personal effects during the holidays and hand over keys to the Hall supervisor before departing on each vacation. Failure of which will attract payment of full rent for the period.
  10. Students residing in each hall must be ready to participate in any organized sanitation exercise. Students who fail to participate will be ejected from the hostel.
  11. Cooking inside rooms is strictly prohibited. Students must use the kitchenettes provided in each hall or any other appropriate place approved by the hostel managers. Any student(s) who contravene(s) this regulation will have his / her cooking materials seized and also face severe disciplinary action, including ejection from the hostel and / or suspension from the University.
  12. Transfer of classroom, library, lecture, theatre or cafeteria furniture / equipment into students’ rooms is strictly prohibited.
  13. Students are forbidden to engage in trading or hawking within the hostel
  14. Sale or consumption of alcohol or any other intoxicants is banned on campus. Any student found violating this order shall be expelled from the University.
  15. Any electrical appliances not certified alright should not be brought in or else the owner will be ejected or banned from hostel accommodation. The use of refrigerator or cooker is restricted to the kitchenette subject to availability of space.
  16. Fighting, religious preaching, noise making and misuse of musical instrument in the hostels are strictly prohibited and can lead to summary dismissal from the University.
  17. Any activity that is not in the interest of the academic and welfare pursuit of the University is banned.
  18. Any student found in possession of dangerous weapons such as knife, gun, offensive chemicals will face summary dismissal from the University.
  19. Students may receive visitors between 9a.m. and 10p.m.
  20. No male visitors (including male students) are allowed into the female hostel and no female visitors (including female students) are allowed into the male hostel.
  21. The University does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage to students’ property.
  22. All non- hostel residents and visitors entering the hostels must check in at the reception desk in the porter’s lodge.
  23. Female students that are nursing mothers are not allowed to reside with their babies in the hostel.
  24. Friends or relatives are not to be housed in the halls of residence for any period of time without written authorization by the Dean of Students.
  25. Violation of any of the above conditions shall lead to students being surcharged, face ejection from the hostel or banned from hostel accommodation for the remaining part of his / her stay in the University or even suspension or dismissal from the University.   

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